Choosing a Reliable Land Surveyor for Your Residential Property

The process of land surveying is important if you are planning on building or improving your residential property. The findings will help you ensure that the new home, general structures and landscaping features are within your boundaries. It will also help you identify potential legal problems related to zoning, division and general land usage. Additionally, if your ownership of part of the property is questioned, you will be able to provide reliable evidence. When you decide to carry out this project, it is important to engage a suitable individual or firm for the task. Here are the primary factors that you should evaluate before signing a contract with any land surveyor.


Land surveyors provide a wide range of services that are relevant to residential property owners. However, you should always choose a professional who specialises in the sub-field that you are interested in for your property. Generally, there are no specialty licenses for the different sections in the industry, so you will have to rely on the experience and education of the professional. If you need an assessment before building a home, engage someone with construction layout survey expertise. If you are concerned about ownership disputes, choose a surveyor who primarily deals with boundary surveys and mapping.

Availability of Insurance

Insurance is an important consideration when engaging professional assistance from land survey firms. The workers' compensation insurance is particularly critical because the surveying tasks involve extensive fieldwork. The workers could get injured in your residential property while walking about due to the current state of your land. For instance, you might have problems such as tree stumps, unfilled holes and uncleared areas that could be harbouring wild creatures and harmful microbes.  The legal and financial ramifications can be significant, so do not be afraid to request for evidence of the company's compensation insurance. This precaution can protect you from unexpected financial charges.

Types of Property Markers

Finally, you should inquire about the property line markers provided by the surveyor. Generally, you might not be able to understand the legal description of your residential land boundaries. Therefore, these markers will be a reliable way to show you exactly where the identified lines lie. Good permanent markers that you should choose include rebar, iron pipes, magnetic rods and plastic stakes. Wooden stakes or branches are unreliable because they can be damaged by termites and do not stand out in normal ground. You should also ask if the surveyor can walk around the property with you and point out the installed markers.

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