Caring for your grave monument to increase its lifespan

Losing a loved one is a great tragedy. It takes a toll on you and stirs pain in your heart. Though there's nothing you can do to bring them back, there's a lot you can do about where they rest. Once monumental workers create the gravestone, caring for it is the next phase. Preserving their grave monument will keep it lasting for ages so that even your grandchildren can pay their respects. You don't want your loved one's grave looking all worn out and swallowed in lichen. They don't deserve that. Here are some of the best ways you can maintain these gravestone monuments.

Inspect the gravestone first

If it's been years since you cleaned the monument, first inspect the condition of the stone. Cleaning efforts on a stone that's poorly kept will only make things worse. Look for any signs of instability and fractures. Cracks on the stone should warn you that the stone is unstable. The cleaning agents may even get within the cracks and further damage the monument. Also avoid working on a stone with any signs of fading or flaking. Washing it may further damage the writings. Call a professional for the best cleaning advice.

Start from bottom to top

When cleaning your loved one's monument, start from the bottom and move upwards. This reduces the chances of having any stains left over. When you wash the stone from the top, any acids or pigments released from the lichens and moulds spreads downwards to other parts of the monument. They may cause staining if you don't reach them. However, working from the bottom would ensure you take care of all the staining and prevent their spread.

Clean it cautiously

When you're doing you cleaning, you not only want to keep the monument clean but also preserve the writings. That's why you need to stay away from hard wire or metal brushes that may create marks on the monument.

Also avoid using power washers. They lead to too much water retention in the gravestone and decrease its lifespan. Instead, go for pump sprayers or even a pump bottle. These sprayers enable you to use less water effectively.

Take care of the polish

When working with polished granite, avoid using chlorine solutions as they may bleach away the polish. An ammonia-based solution is recommended to brighten up the lustre. If you're working with bronze monuments, purchase a suitable cleaning kit from your monument company. You may also use liquid wax after cleaning and drying it to give the monument its shine. 

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