Factors To Consider When Building An Outdoor Fireplace For Your Home

An outdoor fireplace is often used as the center piece of a backyard. Also, you'll often find an outdoor fireplace located in or near a relaxing spot. To get the most from your fireplace, it's important you identify key basics that are necessary in building an ideal fireplace for your home. Below are critical fireplace basics you should pay close attention to when building your outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Footing

The style of your outdoors greatly determines the footing of your outdoor fireplace. For example, the freestanding fireplace is an independent structure, and it's often constructed where the patio is detached from the house. In comparison, the built-in fireplace style is constructed attached to an existing wall in the outdoors. The wall can be one of the sides of the house, or it could be the wall of another outdoor structure.

Choosing the footing of your fireplace aids in budgeting for landscaping supplies and materials required to build the fireplace. For example, for the built-in style, you may want the materials used to build the fireplace to be identical to the house. However, it's important that you consult a professional to help you get construction materials that are not only a match up to your house, but also suitable for an outdoor fireplace.  

Type of Fuel

The type of fuel to be used in your fireplace will determine the style of construction used. For example, wood burning outdoor fireplaces will require you to have a chimney built. The chimney lets in clean air, which promotes wood combustion and sustains the fire.

In comparison, the gas fireplace does not need a chimney. However, a gas line will be required, and the piping of the gas line from a source point to the fireplace has to be catered for. It's essential that you decide early the type of fuel you will use in the fireplace so that the structure can be built in a way that accommodates usage of the specific fuel.

Fireplace Aesthetic Design

Besides the functional detail of your outdoor fireplace, you should also pay attention to the aesthetic aspect of the fireplace. Usually, the fireplace will be a relaxing spot for you and your family and guests. So invest in its design and beauty as well.

Matching the fireplace design with the design of the house is a great idea that creates outdoor uniformity. Otherwise, you can choose a design among the many options available. Consult a professional landscaping contractor to help you design your fireplace and also guide you in buying the right landscaping supplies for your design.

An outdoor fireplace is a great landscaping accessory that greatly accentuates the outdoors. Proper planning will indeed help you build an ideal outdoor fireplace for your home.

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