Factors To Consider When Choosing Synthetic Grass For Your Pets

If you have pets at home, then pay attention to essential details and features of the synthetic grass you choose for your outdoors. A pet-friendly synthetic lawn should have features that allow pets to play on the lawn comfortably without posing any harm to your pets or getting damaged. Below are necessary synthetic turf features you should consider when buying synthetic grass for your pets.

Synthetic Lawn Drainage

Synthetic grass meant for pets should have good drainage both on the surface and in the underlying layers of the grass. Good drainage will draw out any liquid that gets to the surface of the grass including pets' urine. As a result, your synthetic lawn will, in most cases, be sufficiently dry for pets to play on.

The turf base or layered materials below the surface of your synthetic lawn determine how good the drainage of your grass will be. Consult your synthetic turf provider and get advice on the best type of turf base you should install. Remember that if you have many pets, you will require synthetic turf with faster drainage than if you have only one pet.

Turf Durability

Pet-friendly synthetic turf should be highly tolerant to traffic or movement. The degree of toughness or tolerance to traffic you choose for your turf will be determined by the type of pets you have. For example, a compound with many active dogs will require a synthetic turf that is tougher than turf meant for a home with smaller or less destructive pets, such as cats.

Also, you can enhance the durability of your synthetic lawn through additional practices, such as pegging. Pegging involves use of turf pegs to tighten up the edges of your lawn and prevent damage at the edges of the lawn caused by pets when burrowing. For instance, dogs tend to burrow and lift turf along the edges. Consult your turf supplies provider about the best practices needed to enhance the durability of your synthetic lawn.

Turf Bristles

The length of turf bristles also matters when choosing a synthetic lawn for your pets. Synthetic turf with short bristles that resemble a freshly mowed lawn is the best for pets. This type of lawn will allow you to see pet poop easily. Also, short bristles will hardly trap the poop, and you will be able to collect it with ease.  

Cleaning a synthetic lawn with short bristles is also easier than cleaning a lawn with long bristles. This is the case because short bristles will allow water to pass through fast into the turf base. However, even if your lawn bristles are short and water passes through fast, it's good you allow the lawn to dry up completely after cleaning it before you can release the pets back to the lawn area because a wet lawn may get your pets wet.

If you want the synthetic lawn for your pets to serve you well and for longer, then buy a lawn with the right features. These essential tips for a pet-friendly synthetic lawn will guide you in choosing the best type of lawn for your pets.  

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