Various Benefits Of Paving Your Driveway With Gravel

While the popularity of gravel driveways might not compare to that of asphalt or concrete driveways, it has been increasing steadily. Even though it might not last long as a compacted surface, a gravel driveway offers several essential benefits that affirm its place as one of the best driveways available on the market presently. Here are just a few advantages of a gravel driveway that you should know about.

Unequaled beauty

In terms of elegance, gravel isn't the hottest option on the market, but its beauty is non-pretentious. Because the stones used to lay the gravel driveway come in an array of natural tones, the appearance of your landscape will be accentuated. What is more, the multi-coloured layout of gravel will be reconfigured again and again as vehicle wheels keep turning on your driveway. This way, you can be sure your driveway will look a little bit different each day, eliminating the monotonous look that compressed driveways can have.

Good water drainage

You do not want your driveway to flood when the rainy spell begins. Stormwater runoff is not a problem with gravel. Gravel lets the water seep into the ground and evaporate into the atmosphere later on without causing damage to your driveway. In sharp contrast to this, a compacted driveway can hold water in cracks, crevices, and potholes as the driveway ages, and this can damage the subgrade, resulting in costly repairs.

Cheap to install and maintain

When it comes to budget-friendliness, gravel is the most inexpensive driveway material available out there. As there are no complicated compaction processes involved when installing a gravel driveway, installation costs are kept down: all you need to do is pour the pebbles over the driveway. Therefore, meandering paths are never a challenge when setting up the driveway. As for maintenance, you only need a shovel and a rake to even out the driveway as you add more gravel where necessary.

Easy to replace

Another remarkable attribute of gravel is that it can be paved in the future if you so desire. If it is a concrete driveway that you want to install, for instance, just cover the dirt on your existing driveway with a little sand before pouring concrete.

Gravel continues to prove its worth as a paving material. If you have never used a gravel driveway before, you should consider doing so now that you are informed about its various advantages.

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