Landscaping: Influences You Could Consider For Your Yard

A great thing about landscaping design is that you do not have to simply opt for grass on your yard; there are a number of elements and aspects you could incorporate into the design of your property to make it both attractive as well as functional. Moreover, different countries around the world have their own distinct ways of decorating their property and you could borrow some of these exotic cultures to enhance the creativity of your own yard. Below are some of the international influences that you could consider for your yard.

Japanese landscaping design

If you are considering an Asian inspired theme for your landscaping, the Japanese culture would be a good place to start. The style and elements used in Japanese gardens have been adopted the world over due to their simplicity and outstanding aesthetics. Generally speaking, there are a few things that will guide your Japanese inspired landscaping. These elements include harmony, balance, tranquillity and perspective. So what are some of the things you could consider including in your yard to show some Japanese influence in your landscaping design?

  1. Make use of sand and natural stone for your pathways. These materials have a correlation to water and will contribute an island aesthetic to your yard.

  2. Opt for natural asymmetry rather than symmetrical decorations. One main feature you will realise about Japanese gardens is that trees and shrubbery are not trimmed and shaped to geometric shapes. Instead, these plants are allowed to thrive as they would naturally, curving and bending at whim.

  3. Incorporate the use of landscaping rocks; Japanese gardens are not simply characterised by blossoms. Rocks also play an important role in tying the whole design together. These rocks can be interspersed with forest-like tree species such as the Japanese black pine to give your yard an authentic Asian appearance.

Moroccan landscaping design

If splashes of colour are more of your design preference, then you may want to consider Moroccan-landscaping design for your yard. Morocco in itself is vibrant and throbbing; therefore, the residential yards function as a calm space for people to escape the exuberance that comes with city living. So how can you achieve this?

  1. Moroccan landscaping focusses more on immaculate design. Therefore, all elements must not only be in perfect symmetry but they should also be able to seamlessly blend in with each other.

  2. Another element that pervades Moroccan landscaping is water. It would be prudent to include items such as a fountain, birdbath and more to provide the sounds of bubbling water.

  3. Lastly, colour is a prominent feature in Moroccan landscaping. Make use of brightly coloured plants, upholstery, tiles and more.

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