Attachments You Could Consider To Customize Your Ride-On Mower

Ride-on mowers have steadily increased in popularity for residential lawn maintenance due to the convenience they offer. Unlike their push mower counterparts, ride-on mowers allow you to sit on the machinery as you mow your lawn, making it an ideal option for individuals with vast tracts of land. Nevertheless, you can enhance the efficiency and convenience of your mower by incorporating attachments that would make lawn maintenance all the easier. Here are some of the different accessories that you could consider to customise your ride on-mower.

A catch bag

As the name suggests, this attachment functions to catch the grass clippings as you mow your lawn. Without a catch bag, you would have the additional task of raking your lawn to eliminate the clippings, or your yard would still appear to be unkempt. A catch bag eliminates this stage of mower maintenance, as all the clippings would be collected as you cut the grass. It should be noted that if you have a large property, you may have to stop and empty the catch bag once in a while during the mowing process. You can then decide to keep the grass and let it convert into mulch that you can apply in your garden, or you can throw away the clippings when disposing of your trash.

A trailer hitch

Trailer hitches are a practical attachment for homeowners who would be looking to carry out additional tasks while mowing. This accessory is designed to tow along another piece of equipment with you as you drive your ride on mower. An excellent way to put your trailer hitch into good use would be to have it transport your tank of weed killer or pesticide with you, helping you mow your lawn and treat your grass simultaneously.

A mulching blade

This type of accessory is designed to make it easier for you to mulch your property as you mow the grass. Regular mower blades will cut the grass into large clippings. A mulching blade, on the other hand, slices the grass into tiny pieces that will be almost undetectable once you complete the mowing process. Thus, instead of collecting your clippings to convert them into mulch, all you need to do is switch out the original mower blades with the mulching blade. A mulching blade is highly convenient during the summer when your grass is susceptible to dehydration, as keeping the pieces of grass will ensure the round stays hydrated for longer.

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