2 Of The Best Buffalo Turf Varieties For Your New Garden

If you're landscaping the garden of your new home, then one of the first tasks on your to-do list is probably to get your lawn established. In most gardens, the lawn covers a large percentage of the ground and establishing your lawn is a fast and easy way to make your garden look great and ready for use.

If you don't have the time and patience to wait for grass seeds to grow to maturity, then you are probably considering using pre-grown turf to green up your garden space. Turf is fast and easy to use and it takes away the guesswork, the waiting game and room for error that growing a lawn from seed involves.

There are many different varieties of lawn that are grown for turf these days. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which one will work best in your garden, depending on the climate and soil conditions of your location and what you expect out of your lawn. Buffalo turf is a popular choice all around the country. It's versatile, hardy, drought resistant and comes in several different types. Here are two of the most commonly used buffalo grass varieties. 

1. Palmetto Buffalo Grass

If you're after a lawn that requires very little care and attention, then Palmetto Buffalo Grass is the ultimate lawn for the lazy gardener. This grass is very slow growing, which means infrequent mowing and edging is required. It's also very drought tolerant and can last for many months with little to no watering.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass is also tough and will withstand extremes of both hot and cold weather, including frosts. Yet, Palmetto is also an attractive grass. It's verdant, dark green colour and soft blades make it a wise aesthetic choice as well as a practical one.

2. Sapphire Buffalo Grass

If you're looking for a beautiful, glossy and luxurious grass, the Sapphire Buffalo Grass might be the ideal choice. It's the softest of all the Buffalo varieties, with blades that are ultra fine and silky. It also has a striking hint of blue through its colouring, hence the name Sapphire.

However, Sapphire Buffalo Grass isn't just a pretty face. It's gentle and lush appearance belies the durability and drought resistance that it has as a Buffalo variety. It does grow a little faster than Palmetto, which means a more frequent mowing schedule, but you might find this an acceptable trade-off for the good looks and soft feel of Sapphire.

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