Can Kikuyu Grass Cope With Your Dogs?

If your dogs have ground your current lawn down to the ground, then you'll be looking for a replacement. You don't want to lock your pets away from getting out into your garden and letting off some steam, but you want turf that can cope with your dogs better than your current one did.

Kikuyu turf is an option worth considering, especially if you have a few very active dogs. What are the benefits of using this turf to build a new lawn?

Less Likelihood of Wear 

Kikuyu is one of the stronger grasses. It grows quickly and densely; it is also tough enough to cope with adverse conditions even though it creates a soft and bouncy lawn. So, Kikuyu is less likely to get damaged or to wear down. Even if your dogs run around your lawn in the same places on a regular basis, you won't see the same wear patterns appear that you might with other grasses.

Other grasses simply give up the ghost and die back when they are exposed to constant wear. Kikuyu is a little more resistant than the norm.

More Chance of Self-Repair

While Kikuyu is more robust than many alternatives, it isn't completely damage-resistant. If your dogs run around in the same circles for months or years, then the grass will show some signs of wear. However, this doesn't mean that the grass is dead. Kikuyu is disliked by some gardeners because it is quite invasive — it grows quickly and spreads easily. This is a big benefit to you as a dog owner.

Wear patches will simply fill themselves in again as the grass around them grows and spreads. You won't need to reseed patches or fill them in with new turf. Kikuyu is better able to take care of itself when it is damaged even if constant use has compacted it. This can also be useful if you find that your dog's claws dig up patches of your lawn or if you have a digging maniac that likes to create holes when you aren't looking. All you need to do is to even things out and wait for surrounding grass to spread and cover the damage.

Before you make a final decision on the next turf you'll use in your garden, talk to landscape turf suppliers. They can tell you more about the benefits of using Kikuyu in a garden with dogs.

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