Home Landscaping: 3 Essential Steps for Preparing for Spray Grass

One of the most beneficial methods for establishing a new lawn is spray grass application. As implied, this approach involves spraying grass seeds combined with mulch, fertiliser and soil treatment onto bare land. The process is advantageous over the alternative because the mixture can be applied on any type of lawn, including sloped surfaces. Also, the spray grass is applied using a machine, so the process is faster. In addition, it is possible to achieve a greater degree of uniformity when spraying, minimising the occurrence of patches. If you would like to use the spray grass method for your new lawn, use the preparation tips below for ideal results.

1. Remove the Weeds

Weeds can compromise the growth of your grass after application. The unwanted plants will compete for nutrients and moisture with the seedlings. As a result, your lawn might not be as healthy as expected. In addition, if there are weeds during the initial seeding, there will be more maintenance work required in the future. Therefore, you should begin your project by removing the existing weeds. In general, using a herbicide is the favoured approach. This method is fast and effective, and it works for almost all types of weeds. However, you can opt for mechanical removal if you would prefer not to use chemicals.

2. Loosen and Till the Soil

It is important to loosen the soil on your landscape before spraying the seeds. This process is crucial because germinating seeds will not grow efficiently on a hard substrate. Simply speaking, if the ground is too compact and hard, the seeds might germinate. However, their roots will not be able to reach the into soil. As a result, the seedlings will lack proper anchorage. Also, their access to nutrients will be limited. This means that the young grass might die prematurely. Therefore, you should loosen the soil and till the ground properly. This will create a softer and richer substrate for plant growth. The alternative is buying clean topsoil for application, especially if you have a rocky landscape.

3. Plan for Irrigation

Finally, you should have a plan for irrigation. The grass seeds will require plenty of water to germinate, and the young seedlings must be watered constantly before their root systems develop well enough for efficient moisture uptake. Therefore, you must have a sprinkler system on your lawn before proceeding with a spray grass application. Look for a high-efficiency irrigation system with programmable features to decrease the total water requirements and minimise the management demands.

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