Turf Seed vs. Sod: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Lawn?

Are you thinking of installing a new grass lawn? If so, you have to choose between buying seed and sod. Both options deliver a healthy and beautiful yard, but the process of achieving it is different. Seeds have to sprout and grow, while sod features already-developed grass that is ready for installation. This article will address some of the main factors you should consider when choosing between the two.

Available Grass Varieties

If you want to plant a rare grass variety in your yard, you may have limited sod options. The sod varieties available on the market depend on what sod farmers choose to plant. Thus, some variations may not be available in sod form, especially if there isn't a high demand for them on the market. On the other hand, you can get seed for virtually any variety. You can even import seed varieties that are not available locally. For this reason, this option allows you to select your preferred turf variety.

Traffic Turnaround

When planning for a new lawn, you have to consider how soon you want to use it. With sod, you can start using your new lawn immediately after installation. Your kids and pets get to play on the yard, and there is no waiting period. What's more, if you wish to have a lush lawn immediately, sod is a great choice. 

With seed, you have to wait for the grass to sprout and mature into a healthy lawn before you can start using it. A newly seeded lawn may require up to 12 weeks before it's ready for light traffic. Thus, if you're not prepared for this, you should opt for sod instead. 

The Timing Factor

When planting seeded turf, you have to choose the timing correctly. You should plant seeds during the peak growing seasons for the specific turf variety. Doing so during any other time may inhibit the development of your lawn. If the peak months have already passed, you have to wait a while to start seeding your lawn. On the other hand, sod can be installed at any time of the year. All you need is to water the new turf regularly to ensure proper establishment of the roots.

Maintenance Requirements

Both sod and seed turf require proper maintenance to grow into lush lawns. However, initially, sod requires minimal maintenance. As long as you prepare the ground properly, you won't have to deal with weeds. Sod only requires regular watering. On the other hand, seeded grass is high maintenance. As the grass grows, weeds may present a problem. You also have to protect the lawn against pests to promote proper growth.

These are the key factors to have in mind when choosing between sod and seed for your new lawn. Talk to an expert for personalised professional advice!

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