Unique Landscaping Ideas for Green Companies

As a green company, you want to project your concern for the environment. You may project this concern through your products, your services and how you handle your office's day-to-day practices. Another way you can project a green and environmentally concerned image for your company is through proper commercial landscaping. 

Unique landscaping ideas can show how you thought out the use of your land, made it sustainable and avoided leaving a large carbon footprint. Here are a few of those ideas and how they can help promote the face of your business.

Low-Maintenance Plants and Shrubs

An easy way to add an ecologically friendly touch to your commercial landscaping project is to use low-maintenance plants and shrubs. These are plants that are not only suitable for the environment you are in but also do not require an overabundance of water or fertilizer. This means you can conserve water that would otherwise be used and avoid fertilizers and chemicals entering the soil and water supply in the area. 

Solar Path Lighting

Lighting can be a large expense for many commercial business owners. This lighting expense includes outside lighting for landscaping and parking. One way that you can show an ecologically friendly move forward with your company is to go with solar path lighting and solar parking lot lighting. These lights can be powered by the sun and offer reserve power options as well. In some areas of your business, you can also consider solar path generators that are connected to the landscape lighting. This gives you lighting safety along walking paths, landscaping and within the building. 

Habitat-Forming Landscapes

Habitat-forming landscapes are a way that many commercial businesses are giving back to the area and environment. A habitat-forming landscape attracts natural wildlife such as birds to the area. You can even have part of your landscape dedicated to this habitat and open to the public. For example, you can create a natural butterfly or bird habitat that allows the animals to flourish and offers areas for children and families to view the habitat your business is helping create. 

If any of these ideas sound ideal for your business and commercial landscaping, contact your local contractor. They can meet with you to discuss the ideas you have in mind. An on-site walkthrough may also be part of the scheduling. Once you decide on a commercial landscaping idea, the contractor will move forward with the project.

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