How to Give Your New Green Thumb a Helping Hand

Nothing beats spending a few hours pottering around a productive garden on a quiet afternoon for many people. You may have this objective in mind as you eye your undeveloped backyard and are thinking about landscaping to introduce a range of flower or vegetable beds. Yet, did you know that your choice of soil will be critical and that you may have to deploy a different approach for particular beds based on your objective? How should you proceed?

In Your Area

To start the process, find out what type of soil is native to your area. If you're not absolutely sure, you can always get it tested or simply ask a nearby landscape expert for their advice. Once you find out, you can modify your approach as needed to make sure that your efforts give you good results in any case.

Focusing on the Soil

Generally speaking, the soil should always be well-drained and have a nice blend of sand, clay, silt and organic matter. You can modify the type and quantity of organic matter to suit whatever you are growing and should always buy the best quality topsoil that you can find.

Flexible Options

Some people may be more challenged than others when it comes to the inherent quality of the soil that they already have, but this is not a game-changer. After all, a landscaping expert can provide you with a range of different conditioners, and you can use other products across your various beds, depending on your focus.

Dealing with Vegetables

For example, suppose you want a range of vegetables to grow as fast as possible to provide your family with some healthy eating options. In that case, you probably want a soil mix that includes some coarse sand, nitrogen and maybe potassium. Talk with your soil provider about your aspirations, so they can give you a more targeted mix.

Rearing Plants

If you are sowing some native plants, you'll probably need a soil mix that is low in phosphorus. Exotic plants may need some additional fertilisation or a mix that includes organic compost or other ingredients.

Crafting Your Plan

Once you have determined your base soil makeup and composition and know what you want to plant, reach out to a soil expert at your local landscaping supply shop. If need be, they'll help you to modify your choice to get the best end result but can certainly provide you with soil, fertiliser and other components that will be tailor-made for success. 

For more info, visit a soil supplies store. 

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