5 Advantages of Investing in a Ride-on-Mower

A well-manicured lawn adds both curb appeal and value to your home. However, keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy takes time, effort and the right equipment. If you're thinking of upgrading your lawn mower, you may be wondering if a ride-on model is worth the investment. Here are five advantages that a ride-on mower can offer you that may help you make up your mind.

1. They're much faster than push mowers

If you have a big lawn, a ride-on lawn mower can help to save you a lot of effort and can help reduce the amount of time you spend mowing your lawn. You can travel over a lot more ground with a ride-on mower in the same amount of time it would take you to push a standard mower around your entire property. This means you can mow your lawn at an amazing speed.

2. They're more comfortable to use

Another advantage of ride-on mowers is that they're more comfortable to operate than push mowers. If you have back or joint problems, being able to sit while you mow will make the task a lot easier on your body. 

3. They offer more features and options

When it comes to unique features, rider mowers simply have more to offer than walk-behind models. For example, many riders come equipped with grass catchers, which collect the grass clippings as you mow so you don't have to rake them up afterwards. Many also have mulching capabilities, which chop the grass clippings into tiny pieces that act as a natural fertiliser for your lawn. 

4. They're easier to manoeuvre

Ride-on mowers are also much easier to manoeuvre than their push counterparts—especially around obstacles like trees, flower beds, and rocks. With a rider, you can simply go around these obstacles; with a push mower, you often have to stop completely, pick up the entire unit, and carry it over or around the obstacle in question. 

5. They hold their value over time

Another significant advantage of investing in a ride-on mower is that they hold their resale value very well over time, much better than push mowers do. So if you ever decide to upgrade to a newer model or sell your current one, you can expect to get a good chunk of money back in return. 


If you're thinking about upgrading your lawn equipment this year, consider investing in a ride-on mower. They offer plenty of advantages over traditional push models—including speed, comfort, features, manoeuvrability, and resale value—that make them well worth the investment. For more info, contact a local lawn mower supplier. 

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