Benefits of Topping Up Your New Garden Beds with Soil from Landscape Suppliers

If you want to establish new garden beds in your yard, you could cover the earth with topsoil from a landscape supplier. Here are some benefits of doing this.

Suitable Soil Composition

The topsoil you purchase from specialty stores is formulated to grow specific types of plants. The right soil will help your plants thrive by creating a healthy habitat. If you want to grow azaleas, you can choose a particular type of topsoil. These flowers need acidic earth, and an appropriate product will give them that. All the testing and mixing are done for you.

Rather than azaleas, you may plan to grow vegetables. These plants need a lot of nutrients, which they extract from the soil as they grow. Topsoil designed for vegetables will be nutrient-rich and have a lot of organic matter, such as mushroom compost. To keep the soil healthy for many years, you can regularly add compost to replenish the earth.

Well-Aerated Soil

Another benefit of buying topsoil is that it will be well-aerated, which is crucial for healthy garden beds. The opposite of this is compacted soil, which can often be a problem in the yards of newly built homes. They've had machines and people walking all over the ground for many months, squashing and compacting the soil.

This causes issues as the rain finds it hard to soak into the soil, which becomes starved of moisture as a result. Compacted soil has depleted oxygen levels as well.

The topsoil you add, however, will be well-aerated. Ask the landscape supply experts if you should till it into the existing soil or spread it as a layer on top. They can advise on how thick the topsoil should be. To be prepared, measure the width and length of your planned garden beds. The amount of topsoil required can then be calculated based on your measurements and the appropriate depth.

No Guesswork Required

An overall benefit of getting soil supplies for your newly established garden beds is about mindset. You're not relying on guesswork. The topsoil you purchase will suit whatever you are growing, and you can be sure of this. You can even use different topsoils for a raised garden and other beds. On the other hand, you could go ahead and plant the garden beds in the hope that the existing soil will work. However, this approach may end up wasting time and money if the plants don't grow as you desire. 

For more information about soil supplies, contact a local company. 

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